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Thread: Printing to a network printer

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    Bill Colier

    Default Printing to a network printer

    We're a long-time A4 user. We've previously had a Windows network with Win95/98 on our workstations. We recently got all new workstations with Win-2000 Pro. Printing to other workstations is now a problem.

    In Win 95/98, you could "capture" a port like LPT2, and map it to an A/4 printer. In Win-2000, it no longer captures a port. Instead, it defines a printer as a LAN printer.

    Can I ...

    1. Come up with a good way to set up network printers in A4? (Would an upgrade to V6 help? I think we're on V3 or V4.)
    2. Can I upgrade to Alpha5 and retain all my databases, sets, and other A4 items?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Printing to a network printer

    Don't know much about Win 2000 but to upgrade to A5 you will have to rewrite pretty much everything. You get to keep the data and the apps have a lot of similarities but you still have to do everything over. I am in the process of converting. It is a big job, which I probably will do most of after A5v5 is out, but I think it is finally worth it. There are features in V5 which I need (want?)YOu need to evaluate the cost benefit of upgrading but it is becoming clear that microsoft will support dos apps less and less. If you can do everything you need with A4 and win 98 that may be all you need. I have found that the conversion is made less painful as I can document stuff in A4 and recreate the same thing in A5, the field rules etc are comparable but have more options.


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    Gary Leavelle

    Default RE: Printing to a network printer

    You can capture printer ports, but you have to do it at the CMD line:
    for example:


    On Windows 2000, net use commands are persistent, meaning it will reestablish the mapping when rebooted. You must manually delete the mapping if you want to remove it


    I've used this as a workaround on Win2k desktops trying to use a networked HP2000 printer, and it worked fine. When installing the printer driver, don't let Win2k detect the printer, and install it on a non-used LPT port, i.e. LPT2 or LPT3.

    Good luck,

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