I've been using A4v6 for many years. Today I saw it happen, can't
believe it did, wish I knew how!

Normally if you are editing a report layout, for instance, and you
hit the Print Screen key, it will try to do it. The result going
to your printer is a mix of any text characters included in the report,
plus lots of klingon characters, where the various graphic items were
on the screen (bars, lines, etc.). You also must manually provide the
form feed to the printer.

Today, while in the midst of dealing with a rather spectacular round
of "granular crashes" I happened to hit Print Screen and got a perfect
rendition of what the screen really looked like!

Is there some neat feature hidden here that allows A4 to dump the
screen in a graphics print mode? I'm thinking the Print Screen key
belongs exclusively either to Billy (Win 98, 2nd attempt) or DOS...