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Thread: Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no work

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    Steven Vickner

    Default Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no work

    We are trying to convert from from Win 3.1/Alpha 4v2 to Win NT/Alpha4v6. We are able to open the .dbf files but the .set file will not run. None of our scripts, forms or reports are working. THis is a very old program and the original designer is not here any longer. When attempting to open the .set file we get an error message saying that there are no more file handles left. When we continue, it says that a relationship could not be established between to different databases and we should check the child database.

    We called tech support and they were unable to help. The program is loaded on the hard drive and the files on a network. We are unable to run Alpha 4v2 through DOS on Win NT. WE are still able to use Alpha 4v2 on the old PC, but we must move evrything on to the new PC. We have changed the config.sys files, changed the extended memory and are now at a loss. If the .set files can not be run, I am wondering if it would be easier to convert to MS Access and just build new forms and reports.
    I need help!!!

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no

    Really difficult to advise, as we're not sure here how you're structured. Here's the first thing you should do about file handles.

    In the config.sys file you must have a FILES=100 [0r] 150 [or] even more. While none of us seem to know windows95/98 or NT' default provision for FILES. We all know that you have to have more than what's provided. I never networked V2 - always V6, but I'm sure that you'll see immediate success if you have this statement in your config.sys.[or the NT version of that file, whatever it might be named.

    I'm assuming that you were using a third-party network with WIN3.1 and now you're using NT's. Right?

    The best network arrangemnt for ALPHA is have the Program files installed on each workstation and the datafiles in a seperate subdirectory with all of the scripts in that directory as well. Each station will launch Alpha with data records pointed to the Network drive's data subdirectory mentioned above.

    Alpha likes a default protocol of NetBios.

    Hope some of this helps ------have to go to supper.

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    Tom Devlin

    Default RE: Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no

    You will find the Config.nt file in winntsystem32. Add the
    Files=150 statement there. We run Alph4v6 (Ver 6.1) 24/7 on Win98/WinNT
    and Terminal Server so you should not have a problem. You can E-Mail me
    at if you need more assistance.

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    Robert Huebner

    Default RE: Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no

    Do not know what version of Alpha Music CD Recorder I have
    there is no version on the disc or box ,copyright 1998, I now have Microsoft 98 second edition installed. I get a page fault on my Norton Utilities 2000 software and a page fault when I try to get into the internet on AOL. not good.
    Do I have to buy a new version of your software or do you have a upgrade for this one? Very bad news. The number on the box is : ISBN 0-915853-09-4, wouold like a answer, thank you Bob huebner, 3217 Greenhowe, Wilmington NC 28409
    thatnk you

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    Richard Pasma

    Default RE: Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no

    This is more of a test of providing a hyper-link than anything else, but you might find it useful.

    The FAQ section of this board has some suggestions for configuring A4 for NT. They can be found at


    Since I cannot edit this I am not sure how it is going to turn out.


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    Richard Pasma

    Default RE: Upgrade Win 3.1/A 4v2 to Win NT/A 4v6 .set no

    I am not sure why my link above did not work. I am going to give it one more try TRY THIS!!!

    Now if that does not work try copying this to the ULR address line If that does not work and anybody has any suggestions I would be interested.

    By the way I got the address by going to the question area, right clicking on the link to the answer I wanted and then created a shortcut.


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