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Thread: Upgrading from A4V4

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    Nathan Ogden

    Default Upgrading from A4V4

    We are a small rural library who uses Alpha 4 for keeping track of records for our annual fundraiser. We want to upgrade from Alpha 4 V 4 to a newer version which would keep our existing reports intact and run on Windows 2000/XP. Does anyone have any suggestions about ways to do this as cheaply as possible?

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    Paul French
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    I believe the only way to do it would be to update to Alpha Four version 8 which is designed to run on NT/XP.

    Conversion to Alpha Five would entail recreating forms, reports, and virtually everything else except the data itself.

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    Nathan Ogden

    Default RE: Upgrading from A4V4


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    Harsha Kallur
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    Are you interested to outsource to us?

    We would like to take this project as pilot. We are based out of India. Visit for further details.



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