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Thread: Alpha4 v3 to Alpha5

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    Annita Merriweather

    Default Alpha4 v3 to Alpha5

    I used Alpha 4 vs. 3 for years sucessfully. I must upgrade because our computers have been upgraded. Please help me accomplish the following in Alpha 5. In Alpha 3, I created a dialog script which I could place on a form and when the user press{F10} the variable of the dialog script was stored to be used in reports. It was used as the filter in a report Range Setting and in the database as a filter to search 7 different fields and those fields were sent to a report.

    In Alpha 5, I have created global and session variables in code editor, in the table browse, with the Genie, with a dialog window, etc. but the variable doesn't stay after I press Enter.

    How can I create the variable so that it can be changed every day and how can it be used as a filter for a table and a report? Thank you.

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    There are many ways to do what you are describing. I suggest you zip your database files and attach them to a message here. Include instructions in your message describing the sequence exactly. Spare no details. Give us form, variable and report names. Describe the filter or query, etc. If privacy of the data is an issue, create a dummy set of records before posting.

    -- tom

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    Hi Annita:

    As Tom mentioned, take a deep breath, try to relax, and post all of your questions. There are several wonderful people on this message board who will answer your queries and show you how to do things in A5.

    Remember, the change from A4 for DOS to A5 for Windows is, in my opinion, a major change because you're working with a totally new paradigm. That means working in new ways and finding totally new solutions. That doesn’t mean you have to relearn everything because many of the old concepts still apply. However, it does require an open mind and a readiness to accept change.

    Annita [Do you spell your name with two n’s?] I think this is very hard in the beginning, but as you get used to it, everything seems to make sense. In the end, the Windows version will give you much greater power and flexibility. In addition, I think once you figure out the windows paradigm, it is actually a lot easier.

    Have fun,
    Robert T

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    Annita Merriweather

    Default RE: Alpha4 v3 to Alpha5

    Thank you for your encouragement. (Yes, I do spell my name with two n's.

    I did work through most of my questions. Here is where I am stuck. On at the report, I created some calculated numeric fields in the detail section. The calculation are accurate. When I try to add the data in the calculated fields, I get little boxes. Please help.

    Thank you, Annita

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    Default RE: Alpha4 v3 to Alpha5

    Hello Annita:

    This is just a guess, but your little boxes may be a formatting issue. In other words, the box is trying to show the result of a calcuation, but it may not be wide enough.

    For example, your calculated field result may be formatted for 3 numbers while the actual result may be 15.75 Obviously that won't fit because it requires a formatting width of at least 5.

    Robert T.

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