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Thread: Creating tabbed forms with skip functions

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    Theresa Watson

    Default Creating tabbed forms with skip functions

    I have been using alpha4 (DOS) for years now but with my employer moving to
    Windows XP, I am forced to look at another database to do my job.

    I work in a department and we currently have 12 workstations that are equipped to conduct telephone interviews. We employ up to 30 students who contact prospective students, current students, etc. to provide them with information about our college and programs. There are different stages that contacts are made (depending on the status of the prospective student) which requires up to 6 different scripts (forms). My current database consists of over 20,000 records.

    I downloaded alpha5 and have been testing it out over the past few days. I am trying to set up a form to look like the alpha4 program in which had screens/pages (for example one of my scripts could have 35 screens). Each screen had questions and answers intact. Most times, there would only be one or two questions on each
    screen. I am very concerned with my student employees having to scroll down and miss questions and/or answers. Its very important to make it as user friendly as possible. It was suggested to me to use tabbed forms which looks okay.

    The problem is when I enter data (in the tabbed form it is highlighted) it does not automatically go to the next field --- I must hit Page 2. Also it does not skip when a value is entered that I have as a skip in field rules. Ironically it does work in the browse table.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Jeannette Cook

    Default RE: Creating tabbed forms with skip functions

    Alpha has an Alpha Four product, Version 8 to be specific, that will operate in Windows XP and 2000 operating systems.

    The upgrade from your previous version of Alpha Four will be relatively painless, with all data, forms, reports, etc making the transition in the upgrade.

    Information regarding this newer version may be found on the following page:

    Jeannette Cook
    Customer Service Representative
    Alpha Software, Inc.
    (781) 229-4500 x 18

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    Deb Carlson
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    May 2000

    Default RE: Creating tabbed forms with skip functions

    How long do you think the Alpha 4v8 will be supported. We are currently considering the move from A4v6 to A5v5 but dreading it tremendously! Thanks. Deb Carlson

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    Default RE: Creating tabbed forms with skip functions

    Hello Deb:

    I understand why you don't want to make the switch, but let me suggest it will be well worth the effort. In it's time. Alpha Four was a phenomenal database program, the best in it's class. However, it's time has passed.

    You can do so much more with Alpha Five, things you never imagined trying in A4 because it just wasn't possible. Almost all of us went through the same process, we loved working with A4, and equally important, we knew every feature cold. With that in mind, none of us wanted to give up what was familiar and comfortable, for something strange and foreign, but we did.

    It was a lot of work at first, but once we made the adjustment, we could never go back to DOS. The difference is like night and day, you really don't know what you're missing.

    As for your other question, I think the company will continue to support ver 8 as long as they have a significant number of customers using the product. Based upon what I've heard, that is still the case. However, as stated above, you should seriously consider making the switch for a number of reasons that go beyond support for A4.

    Robert T.

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