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Thread: Kurzweil Voice

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    Peter Jensen

    Default Kurzweil Voice

    You are listed as the producer of software for this elderly product which upgrading to Windows XP pro can not cope with.
    Have you any upgraded software, drivers etc for it?

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    Jeannette Cook

    Default RE: Kurzweil Voice

    Alpha Software Inc. no longer owns the patent on this software. (The patent was sold over 3 years ago.)

    To locate the company who may support this product, you may want to do the following:

    1. Type the name of the software purchased into any web browser's search engine. The top 10 or so responses will direct you to the company that now supports the software.

    Two of the larger patent holders of previous Alpha products are:



    Support for your software may be found be visiting one of the above web sites.

    Good Luck!

    -Jeannette Cook
    Customer Service Representative
    Alpha Software Inc.

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