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    Michael Guerrero

    Default SPLIT.EXE

    The SPLIT.EXE program came with the Alpha Four Runtime module and is designed to split large files into smaller segments especially in order to copy it to floppy disks.

    I received the following error message while trying to split a 16+ MB file (SPLIT F3A.EXE 1400000):

    Error: Couldn't open output file [F3A.:]

    This error message came after the program created 9 segments (F3A.1-F3A.9) and the 10th segment was attempted.

    Is there a newer version (than SPLIT.EXE v1.4)?

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    Default RE: SPLIT.EXE


    I have not seen a newer version of this but why not use Winzip version 8.1 This new version has the ability to create a zip file and state how large you want the file to be so that you can send via email.

    Rick t.

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    Michael Guerrero

    Default RE: SPLIT.EXE

    Thanks for the suggestion. If not for the fact that my client has thousands of dollars invested in a huge custom DOS database, WINZIP would be the product of choice. Another forum user told me about:

    Goetz's File Splitter

    It seems to do the job. Some other file splitters I have found out about:

    The File Splitter (Free)

    FileSplitâ„¢ 2.3


    File Fission Wizard

    Fsplit File Splitter

    some are free or very inexpensive.

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