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Thread: a4 v3 reports transition

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    dennis Mitchell

    Default a4 v3 reports transition

    We are still usine A4.v3 (dos) because we have many reports configured that would take considerable time to redo if we move to a windows based version. Can any of the newer A4 or A5 versions for windows use the reports we have developed?
    Dennis Mitchell

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    Default RE: a4 v3 reports transition


    I believe all versions of A4 should be able to use your existing reports but A5 will not. I don't know of any Windows program that can automatically convert things like reports and forms from its DOS predecessor - the difference in operating systems is just too big.

    If you want to consider converting to A5, I know a really great developer who used A4, has converted a few apps from v4 to v5, and would be happy to take a look at your a4 application to give you a quote. You can contact me at (or or 248-437-5883 (I'm on EST).

    For whatever it's worth, I believe it's faster to build a complex report in A5 than in A4. Also, consider the difficulty involved getting printers to work well with DOS today - and it seems to be getting worse. And, if any of these reports are being presented to customers, a well designed A5 report can look more professional and up-to-date.


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