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Thread: Microsoft SP-2

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    Default Microsoft SP-2

    Has anyone heard of any issues with A5V1 and SP-2?

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    Default RE: Microsoft SP-2

    Aside from the fact that SP2 is for XP, and A5v1 is not designed to run on XP, and already has problems running in the base release, there shouldn't be much more of a compatability problem. :)

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    Default RE: Microsoft SP-2

    I have no problem with A5v1 with XP-Pro SP2 and running the alphadex application.

    It is possible to set XP in such way to run in Win95 mode which may be the best compatible mode. However I have no experience with this mode and run it in full XP mode.

    I did no investigation in developing an A5v1 application under XP SP2.


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