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Thread: Compatibility with Windows

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    Robert Femia

    Default Compatibility with Windows

    I Version 1 compatible with Windows versions above 98?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Melvin Davidson's Avatar
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    I have done some rudimentary testing and have found that A5v1 seems to work ok with WIN98 & XP. However, a word of caution. I also have noted that certain development functions (like editing scripts) will crash A5v1 in NT. Since XP is "based on NT technology", I suspect that sooner or later you may encounter problems with A5v1 in XP.

    That being said, you would still be better off to upgrade to A5v5 at your earliest convenience. Given Microsoft's (amd user's) tendency to upgrade the O/S every other year, and the big improvements in A5v5, IMHO the advantages of upgrading far outweigh the cost of learning the new methods and recoding your application(s).


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    Thomas Henkel

    Default RE: Compatibility with Windows

    Ver 1 will work. I will agree with Melvin, though in that it is beginning to act very strangely under "NT" type machines. I have Win 2K and, while editing some scripts, they just dissappear! Since our ver 1 app is live, I need to keep a windows 9x machine around for safety sake.

    Tom Henkel

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    Robert Femia

    Default RE: Compatibility with Windows


    Thanks for the advise, I think I will upgrade.


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