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Thread: It skips some labels

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    Kiyeon Yoch

    Default It skips some labels

    We print out the labels for the service reminder postcard every month, which are due that month. Somehow a lot of customers never get their postcards, because it never prints out those customers name.
    The programmer who installed this program doesn't work for us any more and we don't know how to fix it.
    I will appreciate any help. Thank you.

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    Default RE: It skips some labels

    There really is not enough info in your question to be certain of the exact problem, but here are a few things you can try.

    1. Are the labels being printed from a set? If you don't know what a set is, try to look at the name of the database where the labels are being printed. Does it end with .set or .dbf? If it's .set then it is a set and the labels could be printing incorrectly from the set depending on the relationship of the tables within the set.

    2. Try rebuilding the indexes. If after you rebuild the indexes you have the same problem, then see if you can do a query to pull the records you want to print. Check the query results to see if all the records you want to print are showing up.

    3. Create a new label, place the fields necessary for the label (Name, address, city, state, zip) and try printing this list.

    Ron Wills
    Small Business Technology, Inc.

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    Default RE: It skips some labels

    My guess is that there is a 'filter' on the lables that is either excluding (or not including) the customers based on certain criteria, or perhaps those customer records have been 'marked' as deleted.

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