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Thread: Copying forms

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    Jack Holz

    Default Copying forms

    How do I copy forms that I have made, including field rules, to anothe computer that has Alpha 5 but not the form?

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    Thomas Henkel

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    You need to copy th database dictionaries (.ddd, .ddm, .ddx for databases or .sem, .set, .sex for sets). The dictionaries contain all of the forms, browses, reports, etc for a particular databas or set. If you only want to bring over 1 form, I would suggest you go to the code archive and get the a5borrow routine. It will copy a single report, form, etc from one database or set to another. If they are on separate machines, then you need to somehow network them and map a drive to enable the borow from one machine to the other.

    If you need to copy the whole database (records, indexes, and dictionaries), then copy these files: filename.dbf, filename.ddd, filename.ddm, filename.ddx

    Let me know how you made out.


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