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Thread: V1.03 CRASHES

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    andrew pettey

    Default V1.03 CRASHES

    Since upgrading to Win2000, I often get my system rebooting during printing from v1.0.3 for no reason

    No error messages generated the system just reboots

    Any one else experiencing this or any ideas why

    For reasons I dont want to upgrade to a later version if I can avoid it

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Melvin Davidson's Avatar
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    Default RE: V1.03 CRASHES


    V1.03 should only be used if you have a specific need for that patch.

    V1.02 is the accepted tried and true V1 Alpha Five. In addition, V1 was designed for WIN 3.1x, and was never officially released for WIN95 (Although it works fine). So using it with WIN 2000 is an unknown.

    Bottom line, I would recommend you see if the V1.02 version works better. If not, you may have no choice but to go V4.

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    Jim Rowlen

    Default RE: V1.03 CRASHES

    MS changed a lot of "stuff" in how their built-in functions (DLLs, etc) everyone uses, especially with Office 2000. This might be leading to your problem.

    Another possibility is that you MUST have Win2K drivers for ALL of your hardware for it to work properly (which is the reason I haven't installed it). Also, some software comes up as "incompatible" when running the system compatibility program you can download from MS.

    Moving to v4 is definitely a good thing to do. I've been beta testing v5 and you won't believe the goodies Alpha has added. Access had a hard time competing with v1, no chance in hell competing with v5. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to leak info as to new features.

    Converting to v4 will do a lot to help see how new code structures are. The conversion isn't rough, and most v1 stuff works fine. You'll just want to make modifications to the way v4 (and the rest of the Win9x world) does stuff for the additional power and capabilities you get.

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    andrew pettey

    Default RE: V1.03 CRASHES

    Thanks for that Jim, looks like I will have to give an upgrade a go

    Ive found Win2K so frustrating, I checked and researched things before applying the upgrade and now find myself totally stuck on several issues

    Its a pain that short of a reformat that there is no going back

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