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Thread: SEM How do you Clean Up?

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    Bonnie Jacques

    Default SEM How do you Clean Up?

    Each year in the spring I back up my files, and then I go and delete all the records in the databases. I noticed last year one of the DDD files was huge. This time the hours.sem file is 18,991 kb, is this a little big considering I deleted all the records?
    I would like to know if there is a way to clean up all the .dbf's and whatever is related to them, so I can start with a fresh uncluttered application.

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    Default RE: SEM How do you Clean Up?


    A little background,
    Database files keep information about
    scripts, forms, rpts, etc. in files that
    end with

    .ddd, .ddm & .ddx

    Database "Sets" keep vital information
    in .set, .sem & .sex

    Likewise, apps keep inportant informatation
    in .apd, apm & apx

    You can easily reduce the size of the of most
    of these files by running MAINTENANCE.
    1. From the control panel, chose the APPS tab.
    2. Then left click the Maintenance button.
    3. Chose the appropriate file type you want
    to run against. Hint, run them all, one at
    a time.
    4. For the file name, leave the wild card and type
    eg: for database -> *.dbf
    and click to on the drop down to insure you are
    in the correct path for the file you need to shrink.
    5. Then just ! (do it!).
    Depending on how many files you have, the type and size
    it may be quick or a few minutes. Either way, you can
    note progress by viewing the progress meter on the bottom
    left of your screen.


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