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Thread: Duplicate records matches child link

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    Default Duplicate records matches child link

    Alpha Five V3
    Parent = cash transactions
    Child = traffic, indexed and linked by date to cash transactions, one to many
    If I want to print the current record, the number of duplicate records will equal the number of traffic records for that date. How do I get away from this?

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    Don't know about A5v3, but in A5v4 the repetition of field values from the current parent table record (once each time for as many child table records as are linked to that parent record) is normal. This is how "composite" records actually appear to Alpha Five.

    The solution in A5v4 is to design a report layout. Insert a group break on the primary key in the parent table. Put parent table fields in the group header region. Put child table fields in the group details region. Since the header gets printed only once for each "group" the repetition is neatly avoided.

    Hope this helps you with A5v3. -- tom

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