Hi, I am running A-5 ver 3 for about 8 years with no problems. We have a repair take in system and assign
a record to each job we process. Approx 6,500 records
in the system as of today. The computer assigns a sequential number to each record or repair order. Heres the problem. When I use control F, I can not pull up that particular number. Sometimes it works fine. Most times Ill either get the last record entered, or the first one in the database. Ive run database compact, doesnt help.
I made the primary index to the seqential # field.
That works fine as long as I dont try and order the records
in the "property" menu in the form view. When I do that
the trouble begins again. Is there a conflict between the two, or is my index corrupted or do I have too many records. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Fred