Alpha Five Version 6 - was selected by PC User Magazine in their December 2004 issue as the "Best Database Software of 2004". Alpha Five Version 6 beat out MS Access 2003 and Filemaker 7 to win this award.

PC User writes:

"There are usually two complaints leveled at database programs: they’re either too complex, or they’re not powerful enough. Access gets hit with the former complaint; FileMaker with the latter. Alpha five cleverly sidesteps both accusations."

"The hottest new feature in version 6 is extensive support for building Web applications. Alpha Five includes a Web application server and a standards-complaint Web Component Builder, allowing you to publish your data on the Net and provide access to it via any browser."

I would like to thank our development team for this wonderful achievement, and also thank you - our users who encourage us to keep on figuring out how to make Alpha Five
better and better and are also so willing to jump in and help other users with your answers and knowledge to their questions.

It truly is a community effort. Thank you!


Richard Rabins
Alpha Software