The Learning Center

The Learning Center page will be where Alpha Software places the resources that it believes will help the Alpha Five user and application developer. Initially, it contains reference documentation. It will eventually also contain demos, tutorials, and any other materials that our customers find useful.

The Xbasic Reference

The Xbasic Reference has been revised as part of a continuing effort to make Alpha Five documentation more useful. The document includes many more functions and methods, and is organized and indexed to make it easier to find the information you need.

The new Xbasic Reference now includes the contents of the old Expressions Functions Reference, which is now obsolete.

The Xbasic Reference is available in three formats: as on-line WebHelp, as a downloadable Windows help file in .CHM format, and in printable Adobe Acrobat PDF format - divided into three books: Programming with Xbasic, Alpha Five Object Methods, and Xbasic Functions.
• Xbasic Reference WebHelp (.HTM - 4/2/03)
• Xbasic Reference Help (.CHM - 4/3/03 - 3.0 MB)
• Programming with Xbasic (.PDF - 4/3/03 - 4.4 MB)
• Alpha Five Object Methods (.PDF - 4/9/03 - 6.0 MB)
• Xbasic Functions (.PDF - 4/3/03 - 6.4 MB)

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