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Thread: Installation Key

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    Howard Mason

    Default Installation Key

    I have just bought a new computer and tried to install Alpha Five. It asks for an installation key and tells me that is on the "Read Me First" card. If I had one it is long gone. The only numbers I have are on the cover for the CD.
    A520OEM1-1159587 is on a label on the cover. Can you help me? I have all my data on the version that is now gone with the old computer. I do have the files on the old hard drive but assume I can't copy the program over without being able to install it.

    Thanks, Howard

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    Kurt Wills

    Default RE: Installation Key

    The installation key for Alpha 5 Version 2 is SFR051864. Please note that it is the number "0" and not the letter "O" in the installation key. I hpe this helps others who may run into the same problem.

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