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Thread: Installation Disk

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    Richard Hightower

    Default Installation Disk

    Can anyone help me get an installation disk (#1) Alpha 5 vaaaVer 2? My program crashed and when I tried to install it again, the disk was bad. Backup was of bad disk, too. Alpha said that they no longer had this version and I would have to buy the new one. I only want to retrieve my data, not use the program.

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    Maria Holmes

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    Hi. I have an installation disk and would be glad to share it with you, but I'm here because I have a problem too. See this: (I have an old version (v. 2) of Alpha Five software. When I tried to install it on my new hard drive it asked for the code or seriel number or something, saying the number was on my original invoice. I don't know where the heck it is, but there was a sort of seriel number printed on the floppy label. I tried entering this number but it wouldn't accept it. Anything we can do about this?) If I can get mine to work, I can share w/ you. MH

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    Leslie J. Burroughs

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    I can sympathize with you. In 1996 I bought 5 copies of A5 which included versions 1 and 2 on both CD and floppy. Since then I re-sold or gave away four of them, keeping a record of the code necessary to install the one I have left. With a recent upgrade, I had to reinstall, and like you, I found that the code did not work. A message tells me to look on the 'Read Me First' card. There is nothing special on that card. I have used ALpha since 1993. If we can get through this problem, I can spare the floppies.

    Les Burroughs

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    jonie russell

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    it sayas that tech suport reads these and will respond !!!!!!
    from what i see in going over the measages they dont i am a long time user of alpha software and experienced more decline in support than is tolerable i to am having trouble with up grades and install key numbers once an upgrade (patch ) is installed the key does not always work

    the support is so bad now that on one occasion i had to pay tech support to work around aknown bug that they admited was a bo boo on there part but thay had no interest in fixing (i assume thay had interest in the income derived from the tech help to work around the problem)

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    Richard et al,
    I have a V2 that has never been installed and will never be used. I would be glad to loan it to you so you can get to your data. Then you could send it to each other to get your progams going again. I'll check the office on Monday to see what's in the box (I've never really looked). If anyone wants it on a permanent basis let me know; I'd pass it on for a donation to my Lions Club.

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