I have an application built up over many years in A4, now version 6.
I also have A5V4.5 I plan to build up the tables from the A4 info, probably by importing via the info via floppy discs, as physically that will be the easiest method, given the age of the old computer, it not having USB ports, or internet, etc. Then to make the new application in A5v4.5 I realise that all the info apart frm the tables will be lost - field rules, indexes, etc. and so it will be a big job, but hopefully will be better. Also one which is now way overdue.
My problems/request for suggestions are:-
1) The info is in Portuguese, with it's accented letters. My experience is that the accents do not cross over from A4 into A5, (or maybe it is DOS into Windows) but result in garbaged letters. Any suggestions on how to do this ? Or maybe how to search and replace afterwards - but how to search for garbaged letters ?
2) The receiving computer is running winME. Will I have future problems transfering that application into future windows, e.g. win XP? Will I have problems transfering into later versions of A5 ?
3) I read an interesting thread on the unsuitability of using CD's as a universal backup method, which is also my experience. In which case, what is a good method ? Would it be practical to zip and send to another computer the tables periodically, and the application info ?