There have been a few posts wanting to know if it was possible to rearrange the rows in an embedded browse. The browse is a child table of a set and the form is based on the set. The usual answer is "No, a database is not a spreadsheet." However, there are times when this is desired by the customer. One of mine told me that when they submit an invoice to a vendor, if the line items are not in a specific order, then the vendor will send it back because "... it is too confusing ..." So, I developed a way to rearrange the line items in an embedded browse.

Well, actually that can't be done because an embedded browse based on a child table can't be refreshed to show the rearrangement. So I adapted one of Peter Wayne's tips ( ) to give each line item a sequential number. This number is unique only within a specific invoice. Each invoice's line items start at 1 and count upward. When the customer needs to rearrange the line items, I close the form and open the line item table apart from the set. This form is sorted on the line item's sequential number. The user can rearrange the line items at will and add more line items if needed. When this form is closed, the original form is opened to the invoice they have worked on.

I hope those who need this capability can adapt my technique.