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Thread: User Rights Required for Table Updating

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    Red Abicht

    Default User Rights Required for Table Updating

    I'm running an application that appends records over a network to an Alpha Five table that is located on a computer that is running the Windows 2000 Server operating system. The server is in a Windows NT 4.0 domain. The application checks to make sure that the user has exclusive read-write access to the destination table before executing the append.

    At the moment, the share on the server gives "everyone" "full control". The other "Security Tab" and "Sharing Tab (Permissions)" are also enabled.

    The append operation causes an error which appears to be related to inability to gain exclusive access to the table to be appended. Although the code says open the table FILE_RW_EXCLUSIVE the table ends up being opened as "Read only, exclusive". This seems to be caused by insufficient user rights.

    What is the proper way to handle this situation?

    I can invoke an interim solution by making the users members of the "domain admins" group on the domain controller (a different computer). Such users can open the table "Read/write, exclusive". This is undesireable since these users have unlimited authority on the domain.

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    If your app is running from shadowed databases on the local workstations, the discussion in this thread may be relevant.

    -- tom

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