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Thread: "Lost" records

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    Bill Ruting

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    We are currently using A5 V4.5 to keep our attendance and maintenan ce records. It is running on a Novelle 4. network with Windows workstations. We only use a single license, as it is only accessed from a single workstation on a routine basis. Yesterday, we lost power during a storm, and the server UPS software closed the connections and brought down the server. This morning, when we logged in from the workstation, we could only find a single record in the database. When I logged in from another workstation, I could see all of the records, except the records for the last 4 days are no longer in the system. When I went back and logged back in from the workstation we use for this app, I could now find records up to June of last year. I logged out, and back in and now only a single record can be seen, yet the stats show 440 records. I have updated indexes for the database, and still no luck. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Stan Mathews's Avatar
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    Try copying the records to a new table and see how many copy. If they're all there you could empty the original and append to the original.

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    Bill Ruting

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    Thanks, Stan - will give it a try.


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    Marvin Jenkins

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    Hi Bill,
    Usually when there is a storm, at times the indexes will become blown, you will need to re-index the files and then do a data base compact, that should take care of the problem.


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    Bill Ruting

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    Marvin -

    Thank you - I did both, and was able to retrieve all but 3 day's entries. Go figure! We do run our server on a high quality UPS with software to bring the server down soft during a power outage, but who knows?

    - Bill

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    Marvin Jenkins

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    Hey Bill,
    I'm glad that worked out well for you .


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