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Thread: column shift using RTF in report detail

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    Default column shift using RTF in report detail

    I am trying to use RTF in the detail section of a report so as to remove blank spaces between fields. The report has two columns consisting of a column header labelled "Description" and a second column labelled "Supplier" The Description column has two fields, manufacture and model_nu. As a result of the varying text in the Description column, the supplier field does not align with the Supplier header. Is there any way to freeze the location of the info. I guess I could build two separate RTF areas for the columns but I was wondering if there was a way to combine it into one RTF area.

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    Default RE: column shift using RTF in report detail


    I don't think so, at least not easily. I think text position on each line is set in relation to the left margin. I don't think there such a thing as a fixed column position in an RTF object. If there is, I'll be happy if someone corrects me.

    In the meantime, you could use a fixed width font, and a calculated field to concatenate and pad the two fields into a single field that has a fixed width. Your supplier column could then follow on each line. Otherwise, I think it may be simpler to use three columns and forego the RTF object.

    -- tom

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