I am really a novice, poking around in xBasic without a manual...probably dangerous. Anyway, can you help? Thanx, Denny -- P.S. A script file is attached. (My new email is patterntree@msn.com) The basic facts are these:
1) Running Alpha5v4.03 build 230
2) Using a Button on a form for table "glaspatt.dbf"
3) Looking up contents of "glaspatt" field "searchcode" in child table "glaschacnodups.dbf" (linked one-to-many) on its field "searchcode" to match up with the correct "membername" (a misnomer, since "membername" is really only a definition of "searchcode"), and display via HTML the correct definition

There are about 3,900 records in "glaspatt.dbf" - each with up to forty (40) 5-letter codes) in a single field "searchkeys" - and 4,000 definitions in "glaschacnodups.dbf" to match against each of the letter codes.

The code produces about 315 complete webpages before returning this error:
"ScriptOnPush Line...
maximum open tables exceeded"
4) Sample webpage contains the following in table format:

9 Characteristic(s) Indexed for
Clear Stork Pattern [Universal # 1293-01-A-01]
AB012 Crane
AB013 Stork
AC007 Ovals: Vertical
AN003 Plant: Pussy Willow
BA002 Fan Impressed - 02 Straight Rays
BB012 Arch: Top Rounded - Eyebrow Curve East To West
BM009 Medallion: Oval - Horizontal
EA001 Early American Pattern Glass [EAPG]
Counter 315
Counterchac 3378
Completed the 9 Indexed Characteristics for "Clear Stork "Pattern [Universal # 1293-01-A-01]