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Thread: printing to text file

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    Joe Wheat

    Default printing to text file

    I'm hoping that someone can help me. When printing from Alpha V, Version 4 to a text file, I'm having a problem keeping things aligned properly. After printing, when I open the text file in a word processor program to view it, some of the records I've printed seem to be properly aligned, but in other records, the fields and/or text objects of the report actually get mixed in with one another. Additionally, for some records, there are a different number of spaces between fields than there are with other records. BTW, the fields/text objects are stacked vertically(one above the next) within the report.
    Thanks in advance. Joe Wheat

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    Default RE: printing to text file

    Joe, this is difficult in Vers. 4.

    Most use a fixed width font, and print to file using the generic Windows printer.

    There have been lots of threads on this topic. Try searching if you want more ideas.

    -- tom

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