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Thread: PIM or address book

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    Bobby Dally

    Default PIM or address book

    Pretty much new to this forum. So here is what might be a dumb question. Does anyone have a PIM or address/phone book application that they would share (provide)
    I looked and looked on Internet download sites and most seemed so crude compared to how simply and smoothly a Alpha5 application can be. WIth A5 I know I can print to labels, print out phone lists etc If someone was interested I could build dbf.'s and basic ideas. I just am not familiar with scripts, action, etc.

    Bobby Dally

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    Have you experimented with the Contact Manager template that ships with Alpha Five? It's in the Databases folder of the Templates folder in your Alpha Five program directory. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

    -- tom

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    Default RE: PIM or address book


    Tom's right, you could, with the help of this board make it all a learning experience. You can see in that example how some of it is done and then customize; add fields; and alter it to your specific needs.

    There's plenty of intuitive, unselfish [and quick] help on this message board - like no other!


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