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Thread: IF Function

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    e. ghun

    Default IF Function

    Will someone be kind enough to tell me why the following function respond is too few parameters

    IF(Deduct >= 0, Cost*0.75)

    Deduct is a numeric

    Cost is numeric. Many thanks

    e. ghun

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    Default RE: IF Function

    You only have one argument. An if statement needs a result for both true and false. This is covered in the xbasic manual.

    if(logicalexpression, value if true, value if false)

    IF(Deduct >= 0, Cost*0.75, Cost)


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    Default RE: IF Function

    Just to clarify. If you are creating an expression in forms or reports you do need a second condition.

    Buttt....If you are working in XBasic the "IF" function does not need a second condition although it can be included.

    So if you are used to the way "IF" works in XBasic and start applying it in calculated expressions it can be confusing.


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    e. ghun

    Default RE: IF Function

    Jerry......So thankful I am


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