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Thread: Minimum hardware specs

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    Default Minimum hardware specs

    What minimum hardware specs are you in the real world specifying?

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    William Kohlnstein

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    Greg, my experience with 4.0 thru 4.5 is that it depends on the number of records you are dealing with, more than anything else. A kind of common sense approach. (Although I don't think that is true with Version 5.)

    If you have maybe 200 or 300 customers and they each have maybe 10 to 100 charges and payments, almost any hardware or OS will will give an acceptable performance.

    But as you go up in record count so does the time for querries, form loads with sets, etc.

    With Version 5, I plan to recommend a minimum of PIV 1.8 with 256 Ram and XP Home.

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    Default RE: Minimum hardware specs


    Further to Bills comments, I have found that set complexity appears to affect performance more than any other single item. Had a laptop P III 266 MHx. Using a tabbed form with a complex set took up to 30 seconds to load. Currently I am using P-IV 1.6 MHz. computers running Win 98 & XP, very satisfactory.


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    Edward F. Schulz

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    Hi Phorum,

    For those of you with limited resources (RAM), there is a freeware app
    named "Enditall" (downloadable). This is a great app that has worked
    well for me to freeup RAM. It also comes in handy when loading a new
    program when they ask you to exit all other apps for them to install.


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