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Thread: Problem with Queries

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    James Moulding

    Default Problem with Queries

    I got some advice a while back about making queries on the Alpha 5 Trial but unfortunately I am having problems again.
    While the query can be created easily enough, and gives me the right answer I am finding that it always reverts to the main table when I quit, this is without altering any data whatsoever.
    I cannot understand why the data for which the query was performed is replaced with a list of all the data, please could someone give me a hand with it ?

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    Former Alpha Employee JerryBrightbill's Avatar
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    Default RE: Problem with Queries

    Basically a query doesn't change any data. The best way of thinking about an Alpha query is that it takes a snapshoot of the existing data which meets the order and filter expressions in the query. All of the original data still exists in its original form. What may be happening is that you have an index or filter set for a form or browse. When you open the form, you will get the data set by the index, not the query results. If you let the query genie create the query, it will open the table in browse mode with the query filter and order intact.


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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Problem with Queries


    In addition to what Jerry said, it's also possible you have configured Alpha Five to automatically delete query lists when exiting the program. This is a setting under the View menu in Alpha Five.

    -- tom

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    Default RE: Problem with Queries


    If you're going to run this query fairly often, you might want to duplicate your form and then on the duplicated form, remove any filters, etc. On the original form, open the duplicated form with a button that also runs sthe query (using xbasic or action scripting).

    On the close button on the dulplicated form, add code via xbasic or action scripting to show all records so that when you get back to the original form, all your records are showing.


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