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    Van Jones

    Default A5V5 Cost

    I listened to Richard's interview on the "Let's talk" radio show and when asked about the price, Richard said that the price wasn't set yet, but it would probably be around $300. Over a year ago, I talked my director into purchasing v4 and the runtime with the knowledge that we would be able to apply the purchase price to the cost of version 5. (We never really used v4.5 because we thought v5 was just right around the corner.) What I didn't know was that the cost of A5 was going to double. It also looks like the cost of the v4.5 runtime has increased in cost by about $200 since we purchased.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining and Alpha Software is free to charge whatever price they want to for their software. I've had a chance to try the beta and it's great. The problem I forsee is talking my director into another $350 ($150 for A5 and $200 for the runtime) for A5v5 when we already spent $650. I just hope the 'powers that be' at Alpha Software will come up with an upgrade pricing scheme that will be an 'easier sell' to the folks that actually sign the checks.

    Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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    Van Jones,

    I've been tinkering with V5 and here's how I see it: by using V5 instead of V4.0/4.5 you will save tons of developement time. I previously resisted Alpha Five 4.0/4.5 because it just wasn't as simple for me as Alpha Four for Dos was. (We still use A4V6, and a little A5V4.5) After toying around with V5, Alpha Four is history. I will complete things in A5V5 much quicker than A4.

    Put it to your boss this way...would he want you to do the company payroll with a calculator or a PC using payroll software? The calculator is cheaper, right? But it would take forever to do using the witholding lookup tables and calculating each check with the calculator. The PC would be a snap. That's the difference between 4.5 & 5.0.


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    Default RE: A5V5 Cost

    $650 is sort of 'out of sight, out of mind'. When the cost of v5 is made public, then simp[ly present the balance due (V5 price less the $650). If he bucks at it, present Mike's suggestion keeping in mind v5 will be easier and can do more, thus more production. While Xbasic will still be needed, the opportunity for Xbasic will be much less. See where I'm going.....


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