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Thread: Apllication Development

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    Eugene Westbrook

    Default Apllication Development

    I am looking for someone with experience developing applications with Alpha Five version 4. Currently I am in the process of designing and application for an international adoption agency and need someone’s insight into Alpha Five. I have coded small applications with this product in the past (version 3).

    My background is with procedural languages and non-oops xbase. I guess I need someone’s insight into Alpha Five and to bounce ideas off of. I am willing to give away code.


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    Shelly Kiefer

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    You have come to the right spot. There are many people frequenting this forum with a wealth of helpful, working knowledge of many of the Alpha versions. If you post your questions to the board, you will get the combined wisdom of many Alpha users. Also, if you are close enough, join one of the many Alpha User Groups (visit, support tab for the location of a group near you).
    My personal experience is in A4, A5v1, and A5v4.0 with a recent conversion of a very large, complicated app from v1 to v4.0. If the app you are considering is going to be over a network with many users, I would suggest that you use A5v4.5 or even wait until A5v5 comes out soon. If you need to use 4.0, I can probably help with the index issues that will pop up on you (and I'm sure many others can as well). Feel free to 'e' me if you prefer.

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    David Sander

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    I would be happy to help you inspect the issues you will need for getting further into relational methods and set based approaches to database design issues. You have some good experience for starting into this subject.
    Much of the idea of relational data is to allow set based operations and avoid procedural code unless that is appropriate. Each of your tables in the set will consist of a group of similarly behaved data that is well subdivided into columns. These can then be recombined freely for data entry and reports.
    Since each record is kept only once in the database for the most part, data entry is much easier. You also have greater control of the data definitions and avoiding data entry errors.


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