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Thread: Command Button Icon Location

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    robert bannerman

    Default Command Button Icon Location

    I realize that many of the A5 exes and dlls have icons in them, but which file has the group of icons that you can put on command buttons. It appears that there is some central location, but that may not be true. I have already searched the board, and can't find the exact file. Does anyone know.

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    Bob, way back in 1996 or so, of Steve Workings distributed a small alpha routine to print out all of the Alpha Supplied bitmaps available for your use. There are over 500 of them and Steve prints them out 72 per page so you will have the name & a picture of each.
    I believe that if you go to you will be able to download the routine with instructions. If not, me know & I'll send it to you.


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    robert bannerman

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    Thanks Barry.

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