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Thread: Custom Dropdown Menus

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    Default Custom Dropdown Menus

    I have Custom a Toolbar docked on the top, and Custom Menu on a form. The menu has dropdown items. When I execute the drop down menu items, the dropdown list dissapears as it should except sometimes part of the menu covering the Toolbar still remains visible. I have tried using the Form resynch() method without success. The problem goes away if I dock the Toolbar on the sides or bottom but I would prefer it to at the top.
    Any ideas please

    Many thanks in advance


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    Default RE: Custom Dropdown Menus


    I am not sure what is causing the problem, but you could try changing or resetting the toolbar. If you are running xbasic from the menu selection try adding:

    parentform.toolbar = "YourToolbarName"

    This will reload the toolbar.


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