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Thread: Escaping from containers

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    Default Escaping from containers

    Hello again,

    I've attached various pieces of code to containers for general validation/checking. These work well; a user, for instance, types in an invalid code, date or whatever, and a nice box pops up explainign what's wrong. If the user corrects the mistake we move on, happily, to the next field. I am having throuble, though, when the user simply decides he doesn't want to continue now (it's lunchtime, he's decided to hand in his resignation, his girlfriend's just 'phoned with some interesting suggestions, etc., etc.) and just wants to close down the system and get the hell out of there.

    What's the best, most elegant, way to escape "Can Depart" code when the user has typed in something which forbids departure but just wants out?

    Thanks, as ever.

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    Default RE: Escaping from containers


    Some events are amazingly tenacious. If I faced your situation I'd consider using OnDepart, instead of CanDepart. Send the user back to the field if it fails validation, otherwise let them move on.

    -- tom

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