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Thread: R&R Report Writer

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    Default R&R Report Writer


    I did a little research on R&R Report Write after seeing it mentioned and found the following description of latest version.

    "R&R V9.0 xBase Edition is for more than just xBase (Foxpro, Clipper, Alpha 5, dBase etc.) users. R&R SQL (Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase etc.) users can also take advantage of the more powerful joining capabilities of the xBase edition (review the document for more details) for their SQL databases, and even report ACROSS DATA SOURCES"

    Nice to see Alpha mentioned and the linkage with sQL.


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    Default RE: R&R Report Writer

    There is talk of a version 10 release coming possibly this summer which will combine the xBASE with the SQL so that data can be pulled from any data source.

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