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Thread: file.write v. file.write_line

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    Default file.write v. file.write_line

    I'm trying to save the values set in an array to a disk file when a form is closed and then re-load them each time the form is loaded.
    so far so good:

    OnActivate script (on Form)

    script_play("macro_file_read") see attached

    OnExit script (on form)

    script_play("macro_file_write") see attached

    OnKey script (on form)

    see attached record_macro.txt

    the form has an embedded browse which I am editing making use of macros assigned to keys(hence the onkey script above). I want to save the key definitions between sessions.

    It appears to work for a while then starts getting corrupted after about 6 uses. closing the form and re-opening allows me to continue for a few more.

    my question is, should I be using file.write() and or file.write_line() and file.read_line()? for saving values in an array, remembering that these are all keystrokes?

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    Default RE: file.write v. file.write_line


    Could not see your attached scripts.

    Here's something to check:

    You may need to redim() the array each time, instead of dim(). Check the xbasic ref. manual for the difference. I've found redim() useful if the array is used over and over again in an application.

    -- tom

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