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    Edward F. Schulz

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    Hi Phorum,

    I don't see an uninstall file in A5V5, how does one delete it?


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    I downloaded the latest version yesterday and it has an uninstall. If your's isn't showing in Add/Remove Programs, I think the only thing you can do is delete the folder. I imagine there are some files in the registry but deleting them could get tricky.


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    Look in the folder where you have installed A5V5 beta for a file called unwise.exe. This should be the unistaller for the program. If there, go to start/run and browse to the A5V5 beta folder and run unwise.exe. Should uninstall the program.

    Or: Assuming you're using Win98

    Go to the Start/Settings/Control Panel to open the Windows 98 control panel. Then click on the add/remove programs tab. Alpha5beta should appear in the list - click on it then click on add/remove.

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