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Thread: Conditional Objects

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    Bill Harriff

    Default Conditional Objects

    I've got several questions about Conditional Objects that are used with forms. I've been looking for better performing form solutions than tabbed ones and found Steve Workings article on his site. I've built one following his example with a variation or two for an app that has lots of fields and embedded browses.

    My test has 4 conditional objects but when I'm in design mode and right click in the cond. obj. area I see 5 -- the extra one is named "default" and when I select it, it is just a blank obj with the same dims. as the other four. When I select Properties from the context menu I see only the four objects I created. So where did default come from? I did try deleting it when I first started designing this new form and that deleted all of the obj's I had created.

    Also, when this form is opened, the blank default obj is the active cond. obj. and that part of the form is blank. The user must click the button for one of the four obj's I've created to see any of those. How do I make one of the obj's I've created the "active" one when the form is opened.

    Should I quit fussin' about this Default obj? My concern is that a user will open this form and find the blank blank default obj. rather than one of the populated obj's I've created and I don't want that to happen, so I keep thinking I should make sure that this is coded so that the Default never opens but I don't know how to do that.

    Again, thanks for the help - the Phorum has been a "job saver!"


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    Steve Dentler

    Default RE: Conditional Objects

    Every CO has a default property. This is the initial display value of the CO. Whatever fields and/or objects you want your users to see when the form is first opened should be placed on the default CO. Your buttons or events would then change the CO based on whatever logic you choose to display other data embedded in the CO.

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    Default RE: Conditional Objects

    another way of thinking about the "default" condition is that it saves you from having to code for all the conditions. let's say you want one object to show for "sex=male" and another for "sex=female". you don't have to develop 3 objects--you can make one of the objects (say, female) the "default", and design for that, and then just design another for the single condition, "sex='male'"

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