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Thread: Email Address Validation Rule

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    Chris Shinnick

    Default Email Address Validation Rule

    I am trying to create a field rule that will validate if an entry is a proper email address by looking for the @ symbol in the address. I have tried to do this by using a loop and the SUBSTR command to read the field entry and verify if that symbol exists. The problem is that I assign a variable to the length of the entry, but the SUBSTR command is unable to work with the variable. If I insert a number, everything is fine. This is the beginning of this code to do this below.

    tbl = table.current()
    address =
    length = len(address)
    flag = 0

    for i = 1 to length
    A = substr(address,length,1)
    If A = "@" Then
    flag = flag + 1
    End If

    if flag = 0 then
    msg = ui_msg_box("ERROR","This is not a valid email address.",UI_OK)
    end if

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    Thomas Henkel

    Default RE: Email Address Validation Rule

    Couldn't you just test for the existence of the "@" sign?? There is an operator that tests for a substring inclusion. the expression would be:

    "@" $

    What this does is to look for the occueance of a character,"@", ANYWHERE within the field
    The expression will return "true" if an "@" exists in the field.


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    Chris Shinnick

    Default RE: Email Address Validation Rule

    This works much better. I am used to the javascript way of doing things.

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