(Alpha Five v. 4.5 build 266)

I have a database set up where I print 12 reports every morning. Some of the reports need multiple copies printed.

The 12 reports can be divided into 4 groups:

1st 6 letter-sized reports (2 of these need 3 copies printed each)

2nd 3 legal-sized reports (1 gets printed twice)

Then, after entering additional info into database:

3rd 2 letter-sized reports

4th 1 legal-sized report

I've created a startup form with buttons for print previewing each report. Since each report's 'report properties' has a checkmark in the box under "Print Setup Dialog", the print dialog box appears. I can then select the number of copies printed for each report. This is desireable for if/when I have to re-print a single report after an addition into the database.

In the mornings, though, I need to produce all the reports in a short time. Most of the reports are only 2-3 pages, so I'm pretty busy with selecting and printing the required copy(s) of each report, grabbing them from the printer, plus sorting and stapling pages. I'd like to be able to print each group of reports with a click of a button.

I set up an action script (global) that included print commands for all the required reports, and multiple print commands for those reports where I needed multiple copies. When I ran the script, it was interrupted by each report's Print Dialog box. This defeated the purpose of the script.

I tried configuring each report to not show the print dialog box but ran into this issue: If the last print job was one where I used a print dialog box select more than one copy to be printed, then that would be the number of copies printed for each of the print commands in my action script.

Lets say I used MS Office to print a document and in its print dialog box, I printed 5 copies. Then I go to Alpha Five and run my action script. I'd end up with 5 times more copies of my reports than I wanted.

Since I'd rather not be vulnerable to this issue, I've configured each report to bring up a Print Dialoag box during printing.

In the end, my question boils down to this: Is there code that I could insert into my action script that would instruct the script to ignore each report's prompt for a Print Dialog box?