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    Jamin Dunivan

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    Just trying to confirm what I believe to be true. When you are running from a shadow database, the indexes are actually local to that computer. Meaning that you could corrupt the shadow indexes on one machine and the other computers would still be alright.

    This seems to have happened to an app here. One computer worked fine the other was really messed up until I rebuilt the indexes.


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    a quick answer --> no.

    When you create a shadow folder on the local workstation using Network Optimize the 'actual' data remains on the 'server'. This includes the DBF, CDX and FPT files.

    Shadow copies of your tables are copied to the shadow folder on the local workstation during network optimize. These do not contain your data. They are empty except for pointers which tell Alpha Five where the actual data is stored on your server.

    So, if you open the database using the local shadow copy of the ADB, all of your changes, including reindexing, are stored on the server.

    A complicating factor here is that when you begin reindexing Alpha Five requires exclusive access to the tables. If anyone else on the network is working with the tables, the reindexing will not be successful. In my own work I try hard to have everyone on the network exit alpha five entirely, before beginning to rebuild the indexes.

    -- tom

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