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Thread: Browse row heights?

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    Default Browse row heights?

    One neat thing was to hit the help in A5 in the browse panel and then hit the link to come here straight away. Great!
    Now another question. I copied across a table from a previous application and on opening it in browse, found the rows were about double height.
    I then created a new dummy table and the row heights were what I expected. I searched for some property for the row height but couldn't find one. Is it there somewhere?
    I dragged the row height to more or less the single height but in the spirit of keeping all forms looking exactly the same is the a numeric value hidden somewhere for row height?

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    Default RE: Browse row heights?


    Unfortunately, browse row height does not have a setable property. You have to use the "eyeball" method. One way to get a consistent look is to initially set the browse height to a set height, populate the table with enough data so there are more rows of data than will display and then adjust the row height so that when the first record in at the top, the line between the last record displayed and the next hidden record falls right at the bottom of the window. This gives a pleasing look to most users and is probably more important than an exact row height.


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