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Thread: Crashing A5 when designing report?

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    Rose Edwards

    Default Crashing A5 when designing report?


    Two disclaimers before I get to the meat of the problem:

    1) Despite the fact that this says "Rose Edwards", I am Greg McMullan - I am temping in Rose's position for the time being.

    2) I have only recently started using Alpha 5, though I've been programming for many years, and spent about ten years working with the Progress database in my previous job. I have not yet gotten the hang of all of Alpha's style, so feel free to point out ways where I am doing things the hard way.

    My boss has encountered an oddity in running a report, which seems to have led me to a more serious underlying problem. She modified a report that had been running before I started in this job by adding a calculated field to concatenate the First and Last names of a person. The field she called "NameF", and it's expression is "alltrim(Personne->First)+" "+alltrim(Personne->Last)". Personne->First and Personne->Last are character strings containing the first and last names of personnel. WHen she runs the report, the field shows up as "NameF", instead of people's names. When she previews the report, it also shows up as "NameF". If she goes into Design, and just looks at the properties of the field, then runs the report, it works as expected. I believe that this is a report-level calculated field, but I am not sure. This is Alpha 5 4.5, build 266, running on Windows 2000, from a directory on a Netware 5 server.

    *My* problem is that if I try to do anything with the field "namef" in an expression, even in a brand new report, as soon as I click on the field name in the expression builder, Alpha 5 crashes. Somehow, I think that this may indicate corruption somewhere, but I don't know enough about things Alpha to know where, or how to fix it yet. Any suggestions for what to do, or what to read to learn more would be greatly appreciated!



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    Default RE: Crashing A5 when designing report?


    the calculation looks okay. check the property of the NameF field in the report layout. It sounds like the field name was dragged to the report and not the field.

    you can delete the namef field first from the layout and then place it back in the report.

    i hope this helps.

    bob adler

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    Default RE: Crashing A5 when designing report?

    Any references to this field in other calculations must be in the form of


    you might check to see if it is used elsewhere.

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    Default RE: Crashing A5 when designing report?

    A5 will show the fieldname if the calculation has an error in it. Check for an error by bring up the expression and pressing the evaluate button. If some changes have been made, a character field may now be a numeric and cause a function to error out.

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