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Thread: Field Validation

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    Default Field Validation

    Hi Everyone,
    Happy New Year!
    I have a field validation rule that is:
    KEY_UNIQUE("game_id") and it works fine. This is on a subform that has a "Cancel" button that besides canceling the record it also disables the form. If the field rule shows the message "Record has already been entered" I can't get to my "Cancel button because I can't get out of that field. The only way to cancel the entry is with "Right click, Cancel". But the the form is not disabled. Is there a way for me to disable the form also?
    Thank you

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    Default RE: Field Validation


    Your field rule is defined at the table level. I don't know of a way to modify its behavior that will interact with the specifics of your form. You will probably have to develop a custom validation script that works at the form level. Such a script would check the value of the 'game id' field and compare it to others in the table. If not unique the script would alert the user and cancel data entry, otherwise it would permit the record to be saved. You could attach such a script to the CanSave event.

    -- tom

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