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Thread: Membership Cards

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    Phil Jones

    Default Membership Cards

    I produce Membership Cards for our Club by printing Labels onto business Cards

    When I initially produce the labels a sheet prints out perfectly, However, the next time I call it up I am told that the labels do not fit page.

    Checking label propertis I find that page shows "default" - if I alter this to A4, the size of the Business Card sheets, the formatting goes to blazes and will not be re-formed on the A4 sheet

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Membership Cards

    Phil, here are some ideas to check.

    Is the label template you are using compatible with the A4 sheet size? Many of the 'Avery' templates are for 8.5 x 11 inch sheets.

    Have you setup the printer to expect A4 sheets?

    Ordinarily when I see the error message you describe it signals to me that part of an object in my layout is extending beyond the margins of the printable area on my paper. Many laser and inkjet printers are unable to print in narrow strips along all four edges of each sheet. Is it possible your label layouts are extending beyond the printable area available on your page?

    -- tom

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    Phil Jones

    Default RE: Membership Cards

    Thanks Tom,

    Following your note I adapted an Avery Template to Business Card Size all is now well (following a little margin juggling)

    The effect is very good because all the type on the Card matches and the difficultis of using blank templates for printing or typing are obviated - all line-ups are perfect

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