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Thread: DDHelpWndClass shut down error

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    Default DDHelpWndClass shut down error

    When I am writting code and testing, sometimes Alpha screens do not refresh properly and I know it is time to reboot.

    When I shutdown, I get the message that DDHelpWndClass is not shutting down - wait or end task. I end task.

    I tried a file search for this file on my computer, and nothing shows up. A search of this forum did not show anything either.

    Has anyone else had this problem?


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    Mick Magnuson

    Default RE: DDHelpWndClass shut down error

    Hi Tom
    I am not sure what this file(s) acutally does, but a little research shows it must be firing up when you boot. It's considered a 'hog' app from what I have found.

    I would try going into System Configure Utility and see if it is listed under the "Startup" tab. If so, uncheck it, reboot and see what happens.

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