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Thread: Bad parameter?

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    Reese Fletcher

    Default Bad parameter?

    I have a set comprised to two tables where the parent table is linked to a child table via a one to many link. I'm trying to total the hours in the child table based on the link. I found a total() example in the Alpha 5 help. The construc I'm using is as follows:

    total(child_tbl->field, grp->parent_tbl, grp->child_tbl)

    This is very similar to the example in the help, but I receive the following error when I try to save the calculation:

    Bad paramater summarize over: Group 'grp->parent_tbl' not found.

    Is there something that I am missing?


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    Default RE: Bad parameter?

    Though not stated in the docs, total() is more suited to reports (where you create "groups") than it is to forms.

    It sounds to me like this is your problem or if you are using it on a report, you have not created the group.

    Dbsum() and tablesum() probably offer the best possibilities for making your total work.

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    Reese Fletcher

    Default RE: Bad parameter?

    Stan, even though I forgot to say that I was doing this in a report, you realised it. I apologize for leaving that little tid-bit out in the details. I did get the tablesum() working though. I'm a newbie to this database world (about 4 weeks young), and I constantly find that what seems perfectly logical to me isn't quite so logical to the software. hehe I appreciate the help.


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